Kettle Moraine High School choir performs with Foreigner

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The Kettle Moraine High School choir got the chance of a lifetime Saturday night, July 6th, when they were invited to perform on stage with Foreigner at Summerfest.

"Singing the chorus of 'I Want to Know What Love Is,'" said Jacob Kennedy, who is attending Summerfest for the very first time.

More than two dozen students will be sharing the stage with the rock and roll legends.

"All I know is that we have two lines to sing and, hard to mess that up, and sing any harmony we can and it will be great," said choir director Todd Jaeger.

The school won a radio contest when they submitted a video of the choir singing the chorus of Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is."

"When we had the opportunity, I asked my students 'do you guys know Foreigner?' Six kids start singing six different Foreigner songs. I couldn't believe it!" said Jaeger.

Jaeger said he's grateful for the opportunity to sing on stage with his students -- Foreigner is one of the bands he idolized growing up.

"Until they get on stage I think it won't him them until then. I'm sure none of them experienced anything like this. This is fun!" said Jaeger.

The choir sold Foreigner gear before their performance, with all proceeds benefiting The Grammy Foundation -- which funds music education nationwide.