Kenosha snowfall keeps road crews busy into the new year

KENOSHA (WITI) -- With the snow continuing to fall, plow drivers have been working overtime during the holidays and Kenosha schools were cancelled on Thursday, January 2nd -- what should have been the first day back after winter break.

Crews have been busy on Kenosha streets working around the clock since New Year's Eve.

"Employees are scheduled for double shifts -- given an eight-hour break then come back for another double shift," said John Prijic with the Department of Public Works.

Kenosha has also trained workers from other city departments to drive the plows and salters in an effort to clean up streets.

"We have a volunteer list of engineers, engineer technicians, secretaries, firefighters, policemen, water utility workers, waste collections, parks division employees -- they participate. Without them, our streets would not be plowed," said Prijic.

While the plowing system is working, administrators admit it's expensive. Every hour of plowing costs $2,000-$3,000 in fuel and equipment wear and tear.

Last year's salt reserves were used up and DPW workers spent New Year's Day bringing in more.

"This has been a long hitting storm. About the times you think it's over with, the next thing you know, it pops off and we get more of it again," said plow driver John Delaney.

Crews in Kenosha are expected to be out on the roads until around 9 p.m. Thursday.