Kenosha police, Lance Middle School staff surprise young man with new bike after his was stolen

KENOSHA -- After a young man's bike was stolen, Kenosha police, as well as Lance Middle School staff, teamed up to get him some new wheels.

According to a Facebook post by the Kenosha Police Department, Ates attended Officer Friendly Cochran's conferences last week, and locked his bike up on the bike rack but it was stolen.

Thanks to Officer Cochran and Lance Middle School, Ates was surprised with a new bike Friday morning, October 27th. Cochran even registered the bike, recorded the serial number on it and set up Ates with a new lock.

The incident has police reminding all bike owners to document your bike serial number at home and or register your bike. It will help to have that information if your bike is lost or stolen.

"We were glad to make Mr. Ates' day shine brighter," the department said in the Facebook post.