Kathryn Stalbaum back in Wisconsin, reunited with family

TOWN OF GENESEE (WITI) -- Kathryn Stalbaum, the 15-year-old Waukesha County girl who had been missing since Tuesday, November 5th, is now back in Wisconsin and has been reunited with her family.

Stalbaum was found safe in Chicago on Friday night, November 8th when she reportedly approached a Chicago police officer and asked for help.

Community members say they are thankful and relieved to know the teen is safe.

"I can't imagine what her parents were thinking when it happened. They had to have been beside themselves," said Town of Genesee resident Steve Peardon. "It's wonderful she's been found."

Many concerned residents are still worried about what happened to Stalbaum during the four days she was missing.

"To have that happen to a girl my age and have it be so close to home is very unreal to me," said Annabella Kolinski. "This made me think twice about the time of day when I run and if I should go for a run, especially wearing ear buds and running by myself."

The Stalbaum family has asked for privacy while they get a handle on the situation.

The Waukesha County Sheriff's Department is still investigating the circumstances surrounding Stalbaum's disappearance.