KAPCO seeks letters to support seniors, health care workers during COVID-19 pandemic

GRAFTON -- KAPCO Metal Stamping is asking people of all ages to write a letter, draw a picture, or create a video to express thanks to our health care workers serving during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as provide hope and comfort to isolated senior citizens.

“During this challenging time, millions of healthcare heroes are putting their own safety at risk for the sake of our families,” said Jim Kacmarcik, President of KAPCO, Inc. “We also realize that senior citizens without any visitors are experiencing loneliness. Encouraging people to create letters and art expressing hope and appreciation can make a real difference for all involved.”

KAPCO is reaching out to teachers, parents and community leaders with hopes that they will promote this opportunity within their schools and organizations. KAPCO’s Hero Mail Call is a great opportunity for the entire family to come together to help others.

How to get involved:

    The notes, letters and artwork received will be distributed to medical facilities, senior living communities, and nursing homes using COVID-19 safety guidelines.

    Learn more by visiting heromailcall.com and join the Hero Mail Call Facebook Group.

    Share your photos, letters and artwork using #HeroMailCall.