K-9 "fired" from CIA after showing no interest in sniffing out explosives

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- A dog has been "fired" from the CIA, after officials determined she "wasn't interested" in detecting bombs.

According to a news release on the CIA's website, K-9 Lulu was dropped from the CIA's fall 2017 "puppy class" for dogs being trained to detect explosive odors.

In dropping Lulu from the program, CIA officials said "it’s imperative that the dogs enjoy the job they’re doing. Sometimes, even when a pup tests well and they successfully learn how to detect explosive odors, they make it clear that being an explosive detection K9 is not the life for them."

That was the case with Lulu.

According to the CIA, a few weeks into her training, Lulu began to show signs that she wasn't interested in this job.

CIA officials said just like humans, dogs can have good days and bad days when it comes to their training, and sometimes, a general disregard for what they're being taught lasts "a day or two." Sometimes they're bored, sometimes they need a break, sometimes there's a minor medical issue.

But for Lulu, the issue wasn't temporary.

Officials say she made it clear she was no longer interested in searching for explosives, even when trainers tried to use food and play to motivate her.

CIA officials said in the release: "Our trainers’ top concern is the physical and mental well-being of our dogs, so they made the extremely difficult decision to do what’s best for Lulu and drop her from the program."

Lulu has been adopted by her handler -- who's currently seeking a new bomb sniffing dog.

This, as Lulu now spends her days playing with her handler's kids and instead of explosives, sniffing out rabbits and squirrels in her new backyard.