Just in time for Fat Tuesday: Hinterland uses Paczki from Pulaski bakery to make new brew

GREEN BAY -- Hinterland Brewery in Green Bay is bringing something uniquely Wisconsin to market just in time for Fat Tuesday.

It is using a Paczki from Smurawa’s Country Bakery in Pulaski -- and brewing it into what ends up being a Paczki Imperial Stout.

In the video above, you see they are using a raspberry Paczki in the blend. They added 300 pounds of Paczki (or roughly 1,200 donuts) into the recipe.

As the brewmaster in the video said, "It'll either be a fantastic accident or a total disaster."

Based on the fact that Hinterland has canned the Paczki Imperial Stout, we're guessing it is a success.