July 5 marks 10-year anniversary of passage of Wisconsin's Smoke-Free Indoor Air Law

MILWAUKEE -- Sunday, July 5 marked the 10-year anniversary of Wisconsin going smoke-free indoors.

According to health officials, cigarette smoking rates have dropped by roughly 5% in the state over the past decade.

A spokeswoman for the American Lung Association said the Smoke-Free Indoor Air Law doesn't just help customers inside businesses like bars and restaurants, but also, those who work there.

"This law was passed for the health of the people who work in these businesses," said Dona Wininsky, American Lung Association. "You're talking about wait staff, bartenders, even just people in their day-to-day job potentially being exposed to somebody else's smoke for up to eight hours a day."

Wininsky added their fight against smoking isn't over.

The American Lung Association is now working with the Wisconsin Legislature to pass a measure that would add e-cigarettes and similar vaping products to the list of items you cannot smoke indoors. Health officials said nearly 5% of Wisconsin adults currently use e-cigarettes, and nearly 22% of Wisconsin adults have used them.

People who need support to quit smoking can call toll free at 1-800-Quit-Now, or CLICK HERE for other resources.