Judicial Commission investigating 29 judges who signed recall petitions

MADISON -- A nine-member judicial commission in Madison is looking at whether 29 Wisconsin judges should not have signed recall Gov. Scott Walker petitions. The panel is also looking at what, if anything, should be done about it.

Last week, Milwaukee Circuit Judge Dennis Cimpl told the court why he signed a petition and would not step aside from a case. In that case, Kevin Kavanaugh, a former Walker appointee when Walker was Milwaukee County Executive, is accused of stealing money that was supposed to go to veterans' families.

In another case, Dane County Judge David Flanagan ruled to put a hold on the state's voter ID requirement, something Gov. Walker approved. Flanagan also signed a recall Walker petition.

Now, there is a new twist in the judicial review of judges signing recall petitions.

FOX6 News looked at the Wisconsin campaign finance reports of all the judicial commissioners. They show three of the newest members of the Judicial Commission reviewing this issue are contributors to the governor. Five of the nine commissioners were appointed by Gov. Walker and confirmed by the state Senate since January. The other four were appointed by the state Supreme Court.

The Judicial Commission is not required to make its findings public. But it may choose to do so anyway.

A spokesperson for Gov. Walker did not return a call from FOX6 News. Neither did the Republican Party. We do not have word from the Judicial Commission on whether it made any recommendations.

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