Jonathan Hardin (11-9-12) CAPTURED

MILWAUKEE -- 25-year-old Jonathan Hardin was taken into custody, after someone watching Wisconsin's Most Wanted recognized him and made an anonymous phone call to Milwaukee police.

U.S. Marshals were looking for Hardin. Officials said the search for Hardin involved three states and at least three victims. 

There were two warrants for Hardin's arrest -- one out of Virginia and one out of Wisconsin.

In 2011, Hardin was accused of getting into an argument with his then girlfriend. Her mother stepped in, and investigators say Hardin stabbed her in the arm.

Hardin is also accused of beating his girlfriend and her brother during the incident.

U.S. Marshals recently visited Hardin's brother, Keith's home, looking for Hardin.

"I was in shock. I haven't seen him, and I haven't spoken to him in years. It's a very stressful situation," Keith Hardin said.

Hardin is described as 5'6" tall, weighing about 145 pounds. U.S. Marshals say he goes by the nickname "Gotti" -- that's a reference to former mob boss "John Gotti."