Johnsonville says "bologna" to bratwurst-like sausage

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The European Union (EU) is in negotiations with the United States about trademarking certain food names, and Wisconsinites aren't happy about the idea.

Could you imagine ordering a Swiss-like cheese or a brat-like sausage?

The EU wants to trademark the names of certain beers, brats, and cheeses that originated in Europe.

"When we first heard they wanted to do this, we thought it was a joke," said Bill Morgan, president of Johnsonville Brats.

If the trademarking goes into effect, it would restrict names like Swiss, Feta, and Gouda, which would force companies to call their favorites by a different name.

"I wouldn't even know what to call that stuff. Gouda -- I don't even know, except creamy goodness," said Tina Tonn, from Gouda Girls.

Morgan says the concept is ridiculous and he's standing by the facts.

"We consume more Bratwursts than all of Europe! And I think in the state of Wisconsin alone we are probably close," said Morgan.

The U.S. isn't taking the idea lightly. 50 senators have signed a letter urging the Department of Agriculture to resist the restrictions.