Johnson Bus Company responds to allegations against bus driver

WEST BEND -- 50-year-old Johnson Bus Company driver Terrance Habram was arrested just before 7:00 a.m. Monday morning at the entrance to West Bend East High School, for suspicion of driving under the influence. Tuesday, Habram appeared in court, and was formally charged. Now, some parents say they feel the bus company ignored the warning signs, and claim Habram showed the same type of erratic behavior before.

Two parents from West Bend tell FOX6 News Monday's incident isn't the first time Habram has been questioned for his behavior. The parents asked we not show their faces, but said starting in October of 2011, their sons would come home from school upset after being on Habram's bus. "Kindergarteners started getting off the bus crying. He would threaten them by pulling off into the Menards parking lot, telling them 'I'm going to turn the bus around,' and say 'I have a headache from all of the yelling,' and I think it was just his way of saying something is not right," one parent said.

After many complaints from parents, Habram was taken off their son's bus route. However, the parents say they don't feel the bus company addressed the problem. "I don't think (Monday's) incident needed to happen," one parent said.

Habram was charged with OWI and possession of a controlled substance without a prescription. Habram has had two previous OWIs before Monday's arrest.

Johnson Bus Company knew about Habram's convictions 16 years ago, but hired him anyway, saying after that, he was clean.

However, Habram isn't the only Johnson Bus Company driver facing prison time. Last year, 57-year-old Randy Mayer was charged with three counts of sexual assault of a child. Mayer is accused of touching three boys inappropriately while making them sit on the engine box next to the driver's seat.

When asked about the accusations two of their drivers are facing, Johnson Bus Company said: "Those were separate, isolated incidents. We have 450 plus drivers. We're the best bus company in the state. Unfortunately, these incidents happen."

The West Bend School District tells FOX6 News it is trying to change its contract with the Johnson Bus Company. Chief Academic Officer Al Pauli said the district wants "in writing" a stipulation that would outlaw any driver convicted of OWI from driving any of their students.