John Jagler to run for 37th Assembly District

MILWAUKEE -- A familiar voice is in the running for Wisconsin State Assembly.

John Jagler announced Wednesday he will run for the 37th Assembly District. Jagler is a former WTMJ radio host. He now works for Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald.

Jagler will run as a Republican and says he wants to make sure the changes that have happened in the last year in the state stay in place.

"I strongly believe in what we accomplished here in the last year, and I saw we, as a member of a staff, we have a lot of good people who work in these offices that worked very hard for these changes and got screamed at. I want to keep up the change and momentum we helped establish here in Wisconsin," Jagler said.

The 37th District is changing with the re-drawn maps. Current Assemblyman Andy Jorgensen, a Democrat, moves to another district.