John Doe hearing to be held in Brandon Johnson death

MILWAUKEE -- FOX6 News has learned the family of a man who died in the Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex will finally get some answers in a public John Doe hearing.

Brandon Johnson died from complications from a broken neck while at the mental health complex. It raised questions about how a broken neck could go unnoticed.

Now, the Milwaukee County District Attorney has decided to do a John Doe hearing into the case.

Unlike most John Doe investigations, which are kept confidential until a decision is made on charges, this one will be open.

"It will allow the public, it will allow me on behalf of the family, and the family itself to sit in court and hear the questions and the testimony by those who are subpoenaed," said attorney Jon Safran. "Usually that information is kept confidential and used by the district attorney before pressing charges. This will allow us to hear what that testimony is before a decision is made, which is highly unusual."

The hearing is scheduled for March 2013.