Joel Acevedo's family, others rally after Mattioli resignation

The family of Joel Acevedo, the man allegedly killed by a former off-duty police officer, took part in a rally outside the Milwaukee Police Association on Friday, Sept. 11.

Acevedo's parents, still grieving the loss, shared the many issues they have with the treatment of their son's alleged killer -- former Milwaukee Police Officer Michael Mattioli.

Joel Acevedo (L) and Michael Mattioli (R)

"Mattioli decided to resign because the FPC, the DA and the MPD allowed him to. Mattioli should have been fired," said Jose Acevedo, Joel's father.

"We are appalled in seeing the way the system is being conducted in the public eye," Maribel Acevedo, Joel's mother, said.

Mattioli, a 13-year MPD veteran, will still be eligible for a pension following his resignation on Tuesday because he served the City of Milwaukee for more than 10 years.

Maribel and Jose Acevedo

Maribel and Jose Acevedo

"For an officer that was charged with not second-degree murder for reckless homicide, but first-degree reckless homicide and still be able to walk these streets," said Jose Acevedo. "It's just...There's no words that I can say. It's just sickening to us.

"There are two other individuals that took part in my son's death that are also walking freely."

The family joined with activists outside the police association building.

"They are abetting these killer cops, how they almost make it a golden parachute to kill minorities," Tory Lowe, a community activist, said. "This cannot continue to happen."

Community activist Tory Lowe speaks at a rally for Joel Acevedo

Tory Lowe

Those who participated in Friday's rally said it is time to set higher standards for the Milwaukee Police Department, saying that it is corrupt and focusing on the police union's role.

"The police union are the force behind the corruption. They are writing these narratives," Lowe said. "Mattioli should have never been given the option to resign."

Mattioli pleaded not guilty to reckless homicide charges in the case on Tuesday, Sept. 8. His attorney argues that he acted in self-defense.

FOX6 News reached out to Mattioli's attorney for comment regarding the case on Tuesday and on Wednesday, Sept. 9 but did not hear back. Also on Wednesday, a representative with the police union declined to comment.


Mattioli resigns from MPD, pleads not guilty in death of Joel Acevedo

Michael Mattioli, the officer charged in the death of Joel Acevedo, resigned from his position with the Milwaukee Police Department and pleaded not guilty in court.


Former officer, charged with homicide, eligible for pension benefits

According to the city's employee retirement system handbook, employees who resign or are discharged and have at least 10 years of experience are guaranteed to receive their pension benefits.


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In May, the Fire and Police Commission initially took over MPD's internal investigation because of what they described as "concerns with department leadership."