Jen's Sweet Treats to hold fundraiser for fallen Milwaukee, Racine officers

CUDAHY -- Jennifer Clark with Jen's Sweet Treats in Cudahy scheduled a "Fallen Officers Fundraiser" for Wednesday, June 26 from 6 a.m. through 6 p.m.

This, after the deaths of two off-duty police officers in less than 24 hours in southeast Wisconsin.

Officer John Hetland witnessed an armed robbery in progress at Teezers Tavern located at 20th Street and Lathrop Avenue Monday night, June 17. Officials said Officer Hetland umped over the bar and tried to take the suspect down, but was shot once and killed in the process. A manhunt was underway for the shooter.

Officer Kou Her died following a crash near 60th and Capitol early Tuesday morning, June 18. Officials said the striking driver was taken into custody, and has a history of OWI convictions. Witnesses said the striking driver was traveling at a high rate of speed — and crossed through the intersection at a red light when he struck Her.

A news release indicated 100% of sales at Jen's Sweet Treats on June 26 would be donated to the families of the two fallen officers.

Clark is known for her fundraising drives to help first responders. In May, she was also the victim of an attack outside her Cudahy business.

Clark's news release said, "In addition to our full shop of yummy treats and cookies from Fancypants Cakes in South Milwaukee, there will be coffee from Starbucks & donuts from Sweet Rings in Bay View."