"Jay Cutler, I'm giving up on you:" Bears fans drown their sorrows in "Say Something" parody video

CHICAGO (WITI) -- It's been a rough season for the Chicago Bears! The Bears have a 5-8 record on the season, and they're seated in last place in the NFC North. Seated at the top of the NFC North standings, the Green Bay Packers are currently celebrating a five-game winning streak. The Bears -- a two-game losing streak.

The sadness runs deep for some Chicago Bears fans -- like the masterminds behind a parody video posted to YouTube.

Firago Music, a dance rock band from Chicago are behind the video.

The song is a parody of A Great Big World's hit single "Say Something."

"Jay Cutler, I'm giving up on you," they sing while dressed in Bears gear, even dressing up as Coach Mike Ditka, who coached the bears from 1982-1992 and Cutler's wife Kristin Cavallari.