Jaws of Life School: First responders take part in training so they can save lives when seconds matter

DELAFIELD (WITI) -- They are powerful enough to chew through mangled metal, but they also have to be as precise as a surgeon's scalpel. With six million car accidents every year and 90 traffic fatalities each day, first responders need the best equipment to save lives. This weekend, approximately 80 first responders were trained in extrication.

When seconds matter, first responders need top-of-the-line equipment and training to save lives.

"This is probably the big daddy in the battery-operated tools. This is called the e-700 and this runs off of a rechargeable battery pack," Gerry Fleisher, owner of 5 Alarm said.

Jaws of Life extrication training

The "Jaws of Life" is one of the best tools on the market when it comes to extrications, and this weekend, 80 first responders got hands-on training. The training took place at 5 Alarm Fire and Safety Equipment, LLC in Delafield.

"With a trained crew, and a stabilized car, we could have door popped in less than two minutes," Fleisher said.

Jaws of Life extrication training

First responders worked through several unique scenarios during their training, including a vehicle trapped under a small bus, a car flipped on its side and a patient removal using both cutting and prying equipment.

Volunteer and paid firefighters from Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin were all a part of the training class. Training these first responders from various departments in one class is essential since they are so often called to assist one another.

Jaws of Life extrication training

The teachers were experienced firefighters from fire departments in Milwaukee and Chicago.

"It`s been really exciting and nice to work with so many different tools and get experience from a lot of people who have been doing it for a long time," Ashley Guse said.

CLICK HERE to learn about training offered by 5 Alarm. You can also call (800) 615-6789 or (262) 646-5911 or email training@5alarm.com.

Jaws of Life extrication training