Jaws of Life extrication training gets Midwest firefighters prepared for crash scenes

DELAFIELD -- Almost 100 firefighters trained Saturday, May 4, to make sure they're at their best during some of the worst moments of people's lives.

Fire protection equipment supplier "5 Alarm Fire & Safety" put on the event in Delafield, bringing firefighters from multiple states to learn the newest techniques and tools in extricating people from crash scenes using what's known as the "Jaws of Life."

The training lasts for two days. Instructors say it's physically and mentally grueling.


"By tomorrow afternoon at four-o-clock, they're going to be exhausted, it's a good day. They're going to a run through eight different stations, see eight different scenarios," said Gerry Fleischer, 5 Alarm Fire & Safety.

Officials say a lot of the firefighters are taking the course by choice and even paying for the course themselves to make sure they have the latest in life-saving training.