Jan. 6 Committee subpoenas Wisconsin Speaker about Trump call

Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos is suing to block a subpoena the House Select Committee to investigate the January 6th attack issued. The committee seeks information about a phone call Vos had with former President Donald Trump in July.

Vos’ office confirms that the deposition scheduled for Monday, Sept. 26 is canceled.

Vos says the subpoena, which was signed Friday, was served to him Saturday afternoon and required his testimony Monday morning.

"I was surprised to receive a subpoena since I have no information to provide about the events surrounding Jan. 6. My conversation with former President Trump took place many months after January 6th and has been about his concerns regarding issues in Wisconsin with the way the 2020 election was handled, a fact that has been publicly documented on numerous occasions in the media," Vos wrote in a statement. "Given how close we are to the midterms, this subpoena seems to be more about partisan politics than actual fact-finding. The Constitution protects these sorts of communications, and in light of the clear political nature of this request, we intend to go to court to fight for the immunity given to state leaders under these circumstances."

Robin Vos

Vos did file a lawsuit challenging the subpoena in the Eastern District of Wisconsin. It claims the subpoena "imposes an undue burden, seeks to infringe on Speaker Vos’ legislative immunity from civil process, lacks a lawful purpose, and was issued from an unlawful Committee."

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In an August interview with FOX6, Speaker Vos said the told the former president the Wisconsin Legislature could not overturn the 2020 election. 

"It’s legally impossible. You know, I took an oath of office when I ran and when I was sworn in, and I treat it very seriously. You swear an oath to the constitution of the state and the federal government," Vos said. "I have talked to legal experts, partisan and non-partisan, the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, a very well known conservative think tank, Donald Trump’s own lawyer in Wisconsin, frankly, Mike Gableman wrote me a memo that we can’t decertify. We've got to move on."

So for right now, the deposition of Speaker Vos is not happening now, but it could in the future – although Vos is in federal court trying to block it.