Jacob Blake shooting: Protesters block KPD, demand Sheskey's firing

A small group of protesters blocked the entrance to the Kenosha Police Department Sunday, April 25, bringing their demands for justice to the front door of the police station, demanding the police officer who shot Jacob Blake last August be fired. 

The protesters said they want to speak directly to Kenosha's police chief and won't move until they do.

Blake rally

Officer Rusten Sheskey returned to the force after the shooting of Blake, and the Blake family wants him fired.

"We’re not here to ask for anything," said Jacob Blake Sr., Jacob Blake's father. "We’re here to claim what is due to us."

A march through Kenosha drew attention to a long list of demands from Blake's family. 

Blake rally

"Rusten Sheskey is back on duty," said Tanya McLean, executive director of "Leaders of Kenosha." "Albeit, it’s desk duty, but it’s still back on duty."

Sheskey shot Blake seven times, sparking days of unrest.  Kenosha’s police chief said Sheskey returned to work on March 31 after being placed on administrative leave. Sheskey was not charged with any wrongdoing.

"We feel, the bare minimum, that the city should have had a conversation with the family and community to prepare us," said McLean.

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McLean said Sheskey is also under investigation for a missing service weapon while on leave. FOX6 News has not independently confirmed that with the department.

"Sheskey lost his weapon," said McLean. "He’s being internally investigated, but yet he’s at work."

Blake rally

The group's march ended at the front door of the Kenosha Police Department. With their arms locked, several blocked the entrance with a promise not to move until their demands were at least heard.

Blake’s father said he wants the department to fire Sheskey.

"Seven times in my son’s back for a pocket knife is not justification," said Blake Sr.

FOX6 News reached out to Kenosha police for response to this sit-in, and were told police "are aware of the request made during the peaceful demonstration today.  The request has not yet been viewed by the chief’s office." We were referred to a previous statement regarding Sheskey's return to work.

Blake rally
Blake rally


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