Jackson police find DMT lab in basement of condo

JACKSON -- A Jackson teen is facing drug charges in a case police say is a first of its kind in Wisconsin. Jackson police say they found a drug lab in the basement of Joshua Oliver's home, and police say what they found in that lab required calling the hazmat team.

Police didn't have to go far to find the drug lab, as Oliver's condo can almost be seen from the police station. However, police say what they found in Oliver's basement is something they've never seen before.

A call from neighbors of a strong drug-like odor brought cops to the condo on Cranberry Creek Lane. A mother answered the door, and let police into the bottom floor. "In plain view, there was paraphernalia, consistent with what users use with smoking marijuana. A further search revealed unknown chemicals and unknown substances such as basters, baby food jars, gloves and other types of utensils," Jackson Police Detective Michael Foeger said.

Detective Foeger says they discovered a drug lab run by 18-year-old Oliver. Detective Foeger says a Google search revealed Oliver was making DMT. "Dimethyltryptamine. It's basically a synthetic hallucinogen that is derived from a mimosa bark or certain types of bark and seed. Pretty much what they do is, they break the bark down. They grind it down, and make it from a solid into a liquid. It can be smoked, it can be injected and it can be snorted," Detective Foeger said.

The Wisconsin State Crime Lab says the DMT lab is the first to ever be busted in the state of Wisconsin. Oliver, who has been released from jail, appeared to be home when FOX6 News showed up Thursday, but he did not answer the door.

Neighbors in the clean-cut subdivision say they never suspected Oliver was running a drug operation, nonetheless a first of its kind. "Especially for an 18-year-old, or a high school kid," one neighbor said.

Police say Oliver is a bright kid, using his brain for all the wrong things.

Police found the drug lab back in November, but had to wait for test results from the State Crime Lab to figure out exactly what it was.

If convicted, Oliver could face nearly a decade in jail.