'I've taken him everywhere:' College student says Southwest Airlines didn't allow her pet fish on flight

DENVER, Colo. -- A college student's pet fish was banned from a Southwest flight.

University of Colorado sophomore Lanice Powless, said she was forced to leave the Denver International Airport without her Betta fish Cassie after airline officials said she couldn't take it on the flight.

The National City, California native said she never had an issue bringing Cassie on a plane before, but she was even told she couldn't leave the fish on the counter at the airport for a friend to pick up. She did find a traveler on another airline that did allow fish on board, but never got her name.

"I've taken him everywhere with me. I put my finger in there, he come up and nibble my finger. He was a cool fish. The supervisor comes and she said 'unfortunately, you cannot bring fish onto Southwest Airlines.' Even after I was no longer in possession with the fish, they still continued to have security around us and follow us through the airport and escorted onto our plane, as if, like, we brought something bad into the airport. They were not allowing us to conversate at all because they were thinking we were going to do some, like, secret exchange throughout the airport," said Powless.

The TSA's website says live fish are allowed on board as a carry-on, but Southwest Airlines officials said only small cats and dogs that can fit in an under-seat carrier are allowed.