"It's very frightening:" Neighbors in two neighborhoods relieved over arrest of assault suspect

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- People living in two Milwaukee neighborhoods wait to see if a man arrested just before midnight Sunday is the man who has been sexually assaulting and making attempts to assault as many as 13 women.

"It's very frightening. To find out he's right here on the same block that I live on. Oh, I'm just glad he was caught," said Robin Jordan.

Jordan says many people in the neighborhood near N. 6th and Chambers are talking about the 22-year-old man Milwaukee police arrested. FOX6 News was on the scene when police arrested the man. They say he may be linked to several recent sexual assault. A source tells FOX6 News as many as 13 women have been victims in the past three weeks.

The most recent victim is allowing FOX6 News to show her Facebook post after she fought off her attacker in a Riverwest park Friday evening. She is seen flashing a defiant finger to her attacker despite the face she is bloodied and beaten from the attack. She posts, "Guess who didn't get raped last night."

FOX6 News has learned several pieces of evidence from that crime may have helped police track down the suspect that has eluded them until now. They include articles of his clothing lost during the struggle and dropped as he ran.

Milwaukee police said Tuesday they have nothing more to release on the investigation at this time.