'It's the real deal:' Kenosha barbecue joint offers online deals on comfort food, free kids' meals

KENOSHA -- "This has definitely kind of turned people's world upside down right now," Bill Zimmerman said. He's the owner of Dickey's Barbecue Pit in Kenosha and he knows there's nothing like a hearty meal during the coronavirus pandemic, a time with many unknowns.

"It's comfort food," Zimmerman said. "It's the real deal. It's a meat and potatoes meal."

Dickey's is finding ways to support the community, one brisket at a time.

"A lot of those people are working long days," said Zimmerman. "They don't want to cook. They don't have time to cook!"

The restaurant's dining room was a little different Sunday, April 5 due to COVID-19.

"Sundays, we normally have a dining room full of people," said Zimmerman.

Every Sunday, Dickey's Barbecue Pit offers free kids' meals.  That deal -- along with several other specials -- moved online due to COVID-19.

"I think people are trying to follow the guidelines and be safer at home," he said.

While Zimmerman noted an increase in online orders, more people are doing things with their families -- therefore, buying bigger quantities of food.

"People, in general, are buying in bulk, buying meats by the pound," he said.

It's something Zimmerman said was also helping the business, with people supporting the places that are open.

The online specials will go until April 30, but that could change depending on the coronavirus restrictions.