'It's serious:' NBA urges fist bumps vs. high 5s amid coronavirus; Bucks adding hand sanitizers 

MILWAUKEE -- The U.S. death toll from the coronavirus climbed to 11 on Wednesday, March 4 with a patient succumbing in California — the first reported fatality outside Washington state — as federal authorities announced an investigation of the Seattle-area nursing home where most of the victims were stricken.

Whether it's a Milwaukee Bucks game at Fiserv Forum or neighborhood shops, public places can be veritable Petri dishes, and officials at Fiserv Forum and elsewhere noted coronavirus to be top of mind.

Peter Feigin

"What we've been doing is really try to stay on top of it, communicate with our back of house folks, as well as to the guests coming through," said Peter Feigin, Bucks president.

One of those guests on Wednesday night was Wade Goff.

"You're always concerned about it," said Goff. "You just got to remember the level that it's at, or not at, and put it all in perspective."

And when it comes to the coronavirus, perspective is everything. When compared with the flu, the risk of falling ill from coronavirus in the United States is low, officials said -- but precautions are important.

"Even coming up on the guard rails here, don't hug the guard rails," said Goff. "Use your elbows. You go to the bathroom -- use your shoulder to push (the door) out."

Over at Sherman Phoenix, host to a number of businesses and meeting spaces, people said it's also important to be practical.

"It's serious, but at the same time, if you wash your hands, take your medicine, stay clean like a normal person, hopefully you can avoid it," said Deandre Lewis.

"I am (concerned), but at the same time, I'm like, we have so many different things going on that people are dying from that if you just do your normal sanitary things, I think we'll be fine," said Darnisha Harper.

NBA officials urged players to go for a fist bump instead of a high five with fans and to bring your own marker for autographs.

Bucks officials planned to install 60 new hand sanitization stations at Fiserv Forum before the next home game on March 12.