'It's ridiculous:' Door Dash delivery driver carjacked in Metro Market lot near Jackson and Van Buren

MILWAUKEE -- A Door Dash delivery driver was carjacked in the parking lot at the Metro Market store near Jackson and Van Buren early Monday, Aug. 19.

Police said three people approached the victim's driver's side door and one said, "Get out of the car," with a gun. They got away in the delivery driver's vehicle, which was later recovered.

"It's just surprising, I would say," said Kyle Loudon.  "I've been mugged before. I understand how it goes. Sucks to hear how it happened to somebody."

"It's ridiculous that it's happened," said Jeremy Brienen. "It's crazy to me, because Van Buren is usually a busy street. It's someone's property, and no one likes that taken away from them, especially at gunpoint."

Brienen was relieved to hear the vehicle, crucial for making money when you're a delivery driver, was recovered.

"Having your job stolen from you in such a violent manner -- it's sad," said Brienen.

Police were looking into whether this carjacking was connected to similar crimes the same day. Thirty minutes before this, a man was carjacked while sitting in his vehicle near Bartlett Avenue and North Avenue, and after that, a half-mile away, a group was robbed near Humboldt Avenue and Meinecke Avenue.

"It's a stressful situation," said Brienen. "I wouldn't imagine going through it myself."

Police were working to identify the three people who stole the vehicle from the Door Dash driver.