'It's really critical:' Milwaukee Choristers fundraising to replace stolen trailer filled with equipment

Milwaukee Choristers

MILWAUKEE -- A popular Milwaukee choir has been without some needed equipment for about a month. A trailer, filled with risers and a podium, was stolen. The Milwaukee Choristers are now asking the community for help.

"No sign of the trailer, no sign of the risers," said Jim Halverson, with the Milwaukee Choristers.

"It was a shock. It was a punch in the stomach," said Joseph Brickman, with the Milwaukee Choristers.

Last April, the bright red trailer was stolen from a home near 25th and Hampton.

"When I came back on Sunday, it wasn't in my backyard anymore," said Brickman.

The Choristers reported it to police and alerted the news media but it never turned up.

Milwaukee Choristers

"The assumption is that it's a complete loss," said Halverson.

"Our goal right now is to try and raise close to $19,000 and see how it goes," said Halverson.

They've set up a crowdfunding page asking for donations. They're concerned an insurance claim won't cover their $25,000 costs.

Jim Halverson

"It's really critical," Halverson said. "Every concert we do, we use our risers."

They want to get their feet back where they belong so they can continue to focus on their voices, instead.

"We aren't going to stop just because somebody took our trailer," Halverson said.

Milwaukee police tell us they are investigating. Meantime, if you'd like to donate to the Milwaukee Choristers, CLICK HERE.

Milwaukee Choristers