'It's overwhelming:' Bridal shop gives back to health care workers during COVID-19 pandemic

HUBERTUS -- The wedding industry has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic -- with spring wedding season pretty much canceled. Now, one local bridal shop is finding a way to give back.


Alexandra Finch

"It’s overwhelming. It’s overwhelming," said Alexandra Finch.

Alexandra Finch works in the COVID-19 ICU at St. Mary's Hospital in Madison. She says on top of the physical toll -- there is an emotional toll treating patients who aren't allowed to see visitors.

"I think that’s the hardest thing we’re seeing. We didn’t come into nursing to watch people struggle alone," said Finch.

But one thing has now been removed from her budget. Finch is getting a wedding  gown for free from Amelishan Bridal.


Amelishan Bridal


Shannon Marquardt

"Even though this is a difficult time for any small business, I think now is an even more important time to give back to the community," said Shannon Marquardt, Amelishan Bridal owner.

Amelishan Bridal held a contest for brides that are health care workers. More than 200 brides entered.

"We wanted to kind of spoil them when all of this is over and they can finally go shopping for their gown. They can come and pick their gown, pick their dream gown. We’re so excited for that process," said Marquardt.

Finch received enough votes to be one of the ten winning brides. She says the thought of lace versus beading has been a welcome distraction.


Amelishan Bridal

"I mean, win or lose, this has been so good for my soul. It's been so good to re-fill what’s been kind of emptied right now and during this pandemic," said Finch.

Every bride in the contest will be getting a VIP appointment and a discount on their gown.

Finch is set to get married in June 2021.