'It's not right:' Protesters say Glendale FedEx manager called an employee a racial slur

GLENDALE -- Protesters gathered Monday evening, Feb. 4 at the FedEx store near Bayshore Town Center.

About 20 protesters called out the company after an incident in which they claimed a manager at the store called another employee a racial slur.

FOX6 News spoke with a woman who said she was in the store at the time.

"Me and the cashier, we just stood there in shock for a minute. Like, we couldn't believe that that just happened. I don't agree with the maltreatment of any human being, no matter what color you are. It's not right, and we're not standing for it," said Shyrida Lane.

FedEx officials issued this story to FOX6 News:

"FedEx Office expects its team members to treat all individuals with respect.  We regret there was a misinterpretation of a conversation between two team members.  The claims were investigated and we are confident nothing disrespectful was said or implied."