"It's nice to give back:" Take part in a run/walk, help Glendale P.D. buy protective vests

GLENDALE -- Police officers are paid to protect and serve the community. Now, the community can help provide the very thing that protects them.

Sgt. Chris Eichhorn of the Glendale Police Department cannot imagine not wearing a bullet-resistive vest.  It's a necessary part of a job that can be unpredictable. Even the K-9 officer has one.

"We go through them once every five years. That's the life expectancy on them," said Eichhorn.

At upwards of $800 each and nearly 50 officers to outfit, those vests are not cheap -- and we're not even talking about the heavier vest that can cost in the thousands.

"This would be the tactical vest the officers would wear at a high-risk situation," said Eichhorn.

At one time, the Glendale Police Department could rely on federal grants for replacements. That's not the case anymore.

Now, Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin is stepping in to help. The hospital is sponsoring a 5K run and a two-mile walk on Saturday, June 6th.

"I'm really happy and excited. The Glendale Police Department, they take such great care of us," said Brian Cramer, CEO of Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin, "They do a lot of additional work and support for the community. So it's nice to give back to them."

The first run was held last year. It saved the four officers the department hired this year a lot of money.

"'Welcome to the Glendale Police Department. Do you have a thousand dollars for your vest?' We didn't have to do that thanks to the run from last year," said Joel Dhein of the Glendale Police Department.