'It's just too much:' Bird rescue center in Waukesha may soon be in need of rescue itself

WAUKESHA -- A center in Waukesha that takes in birds in need of new homes might be in need of a new home itself. Officials at "CARE" want to keep the doors open, but they need help finding and paying for a new place.

The doors at the Center for Animal Rehab and Education (CARE) might have to close for good.

"We cannot afford the rent in this place anymore. It's just too much," said Lori Drew, founder/president.

CARE takes in a variety of small animals, but mostly shelters birds with nowhere else to go. Inside each cage is a heartbreaking story that often spans decades. Lou, a blue and gold macaw, spends his days hoping someone will take him in.



"He lived in a garage in Chicago for 16 years. We've had him for about seven," said Drew.

A veterinarian, the only avian expert in the Milwaukee area, volunteers his time looking after the day-to-day health of the birds, but medication, food and special care for the injured are growing expensive for the 90 birds housed at the facility.

"It's time for us to start looking for a different place," said Rachel Davis, volunteer.

Davis said parrots provide a unique challenge because many can live 40, 50 or even 60 years -- outliving some of their owners.

"The client base is aging. As they age, some of them are going into assisted living facilities. Some of them are no longer able to care for their birds. We're getting older birds into the rescue," said Davis.

They'd like to relocate to a bigger facility with more parking.

"Something that's 2,000 to 2,500 square feet would be ideal for our facility," said Davis.

The birds, especially the large parrots, are extremely intelligent and need lots of stimulation.

If you'd like to adopt, donate or help CARE find a new home, CLICK HERE for more.