'It's just so, so exciting!' Brewers playoff run gives fans an excuse to watch at work or duck out early

MILWAUKEE -- With the Milwaukee Brewers in the playoffs, it's hard to concentrate on work but loyal fans are doing their best to multitask during Game 2 on Friday, Oct. 5 -- others left work to watch.

For the third time this week, Brewers fans have a choice: duck out early or miss the game.

"Today I took off because I had some friends come and partying up," said Paul Lemke, Brewers fan.

Paul Lemke wasn't missing anything. If you're crafty, you maybe can do both.

"Initially they would maybe set up a laptop, maybe try and do some work, maybe take some phone calls but that didn't last long at all," said Daz Towers, Jack's American Pub general manager.

In fact, Jack's American Pub's general manager says even the bartenders have a hard time multitasking, and they're surrounded by TVs.

"We have a lot of Brewers fans who work here so they are trying to multitask at the same time but unfortunately they don't get to take the day of, they have to work today," said Towers.


Speaking of not taking the day off, the Wisconsin Athletic Club (WAC) may be the best example of having it all.

"I see our staff walking by and sometimes they just show up and check out someone else's TV and watch the game," said Logan Bean, Wisconsin Athletic Club.

WAC General Manager Logan Bean says, every rep gets members closer to the game.

Logan Bean

"They are here doing their workout and watching the game," said Bean.

What better way to watch Game 2 than a place with 77 TVs and monitors?!

"Last night during the game you could just hear the roars come up and normally it's music but everyone was yelling and hooting and hollering. It's a cool feeling to hear it. It sounds like you are at the game," said Bean.

To top it off, during every playoff game, WAC staff can wear as much Brewers gear as they want.

"It's been absolutely incredible. The thrill and drama and excitement. It's just so, so exciting," said Bean.

If you missed Friday's game due to work, you can always play catch up on Saturday -- the Brewers are off until Sunday, Oct. 7.