'It's fun!' Grab your favorite Good City Brewing beer via drive-through at Mayfair Mall 

WAUWATOSA -- Milwaukee's Good City Brewing teamed up with Mayfair Mall for a unique beer drive-through amid the coronavirus pandemic.

On Monday, May 4, Good City Brewing began operating out of the drive-through at the old Bank Mutual at the corner of Mayfair Road and Center Street seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Customers can order online, or at the drive-through.

"There's two ways to get beer," explained David Dupee, Good City Brewing co-founder. "You can order online at GoodCityBrewing.com. We have a lane for pre-order pickups and then, right at the window, if people just want to drive up and place an order, they can do that, as well."

It's a creative way to do curbside service amid the coronavirus.

"People just enjoy having fun, and that’s what we enjoy about this -- taking an old bank, and taking something you associate with a bank and turn that into beer delivery," said Dupee. "It’s fun."