"It's been hell:" Parents of Jay Anderson, killed by police, hope public forum will bring more transparency

WAUWATOSA -- Jay Anderson was shot and killed by a Wauwatosa police officer on June 23rd. A new group called "Tosa Together" will host a forum that will serve as a discussion regarding this shooting. They hope more awareness and added pressure brings more transparency.

The discussion will take place Wednesday, October 5th at the Wauwatosa Public Library at 7:00 p.m.

Jay and Linda Anderson

"It`s been really hard. It`s been really hard. We're taking it one day at a time. It's been hell for me," Linda Anderson said.

Jay and Linda Anderson lost their 25-year-old son, Jay Anderson Jr. on June 23rd. He was shot and killed by a Wauwatosa police officer while he sat in his car in Madison Park.

Police say Anderson had a gun.

Jay Anderson

Since that day, Anderson's parents say there's been a lack of transparency.

"We still don`t know. We know what everybody else knows around here, which is nothing," Linda Anderson said.

There have been protests and balloon launches in an effort to bring awareness to this case.

On Wednesday, Jay and Linda Anderson will meet with members of the community and host a discussion about the events of June 23rd.

"They`re very concerned and they want to know what happened," Jay Anderson Sr. said.

Jay and Linda Anderson want a charging decision -- as well as information about the officer and the shooting to be released specifically -- a 20-second video that shows the moments before Anderson's death.

"His hands were up. His hands were up," Anderson Sr. said.

Anderson's father has seen the recording and said it should be made public.

"My son was trying to tell him he had a weapon in the car, and he was pointing down at the weapon and he pointed down too far and now he`s dead," Anderson Sr. said.

Jay and Linda Anderson said they hope the discussion Wednesday brings new momentum to this case and pressures leaders to give them the answers they've been waiting for.

"It`s hard, it`s hard -- because we miss him," Linda Anderson said.

Jay Anderson

That 20-second video has been sent to the FBI. Officials hope it can be enhanced.

This case is in the hands of the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office. There's no word at this point when a charging decision could be made.

Jay Anderson