'It's been hell:' 6 months later, tips but no arrests after man shot while walking home from store

Family of Joe Jackson Jr.

MILWAUKEE -- Nearly six months after 26-year-old Joe Jackson Jr. lost his life in a shooting near 94th Street and Silver Spring Drive, his family said Sunday, Dec. 15 while police have received tips in the case, no arrests have been made.

"It's been hell the last six months," said Deborah Hawthorne, Jackson's mother.

The passage of time has brought little comfort to Hawthorne.

"I just want to keep Joe's story, his face, his name, out here," said Hawthorne.

The fatal shooting happened around 1:30 p.m. on June 19. With Christmas 10 days away, Hawthorne said Sunday her heartbreak was amplified.

"It's hard," said Hawthorne. "I lean on my faith a lot, and my faith has gotten me through."

Surveillance cameras captured Jackson walking through an alley in the area -- with an unknown man following him. The video showed that man taking out a gun -- running closer to Jackson. The footage prompted calls to police, but no arrests.

"If you know something, say something," said Hawthorne. "Get this person off the street before he hurts someone else."

Deborah Hawthorne, Laporche Kimber

In her grief, Hawthorne said she connected with other families sharing similar pain.

"Gun violence is what linked us together," said Laporche Kimber. "Senseless crimes in Milwaukee is what linked us together God is who linked us together."

Kimber's son, Maurice Grimes, 18, died in a shooting near 7th Street and Pierce Street in Milwaukee on Aug. 14. An arrest was made in his case, and Kimber said she wants the same for her friend.

Joe Jackson Jr.

"We can't put a stop to senseless crimes like this, but we sure could put a dent in it," said Kimber.

"We will not give up," said Hawthorne. "We will not give up."

If you recognize the man in the surveillance video or know anything about the shooting that killed Jackson, please call Milwaukee police.