'It’s been a nightmare': Caretaker convicted of attacking, killing veteran in his care

OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma caretaker has been found guilty of the murder of a 75-year-old Air Force veteran with Alzheimer’s disease and the vet's family tells KFOR justice has finally been served two years after the attack.

“It’s been a nightmare,” Marc Richard said. “I’ve always thought about it and it has to be rage.”

Marc Richard said he trusted Rocky Rhines with the life of his aging father, Michael Richard, but that life was taken.

“There were no signs,” Marc Richard said.

This week, Rhines was convicted of “squeezing the elderly man’s head” and then “slugging Richard with an open hand more than 30 times.”

A few days after the attack, the 75-year-old with Alzheimer’s would die from severe brain damage.

“It’s something you can’t wake up from,” March Richard said.

Rhines is maintaining his innocence to this day claiming it was all self-defense.

But the Richard’s are not buying it.

“Look at all the defensive wounds on his hands,” Marc Richard said. “My dad was defending himself.”

An Oklahoma County jury didn’t buy it either.

Two years after Michael Richard’s death, Rhines was found guilty of second-degree murder with a recommendation of 10 years in lock-up.

But the Richards family says they won’t have full closure until the final sentencing.

In the meantime, Richard says he is remembering his dad as a former Air Force Major, a father of two, and a singer at heart.

“To fight somebody that is defenseless is just something that I don’t know,” Marc Richard said.

Rhines will be back in court on December 30th.

The jury recommended 10 years, but it will come down the judge’s decision.