"It's a rolling office:" Police from across the country test latest, greatest in police fleets

OAK CREEK -- It's an event that's taking test drives to a whole new level.

"Harsh turns, straight aways where they can pick up some speed to test the mobility of the car, and also the breaking capabilities," said Hendon Media Group Director of Interactive Media Kathryn Murnik.

Hundreds of law enforcement personnel visited the 12th Annual Police Fleet Expo Ride and Drive in Oak Creek.

"It's not just a car to get to point A to point B. It's a rolling office," said Village of Holland Deputy Police Chief Robert Stegenga.

Officers hopped in the driver's seat to try out 2015 and 2016 police fleets on both a track and an off-road course.

"You get to drive different vehicles to see how it's going to work or you. You also get the opportunity to listen to the manufacturers to kind of see what's coming out in the future," said Deputy Police Chief Stegenga.

Of course speed gets attention like the Dodge Charger.

"We're most proud of and everybody wants to talk about the 0 - 60 but we're more importantly 60 - 0. The breaking is best in class in the industry," said Fiat Chrysler Automobile Program Manager for Law Enforcement Vehicles David Callery.

But they also have the latest and greatest in technology and security. The 2016 Ford Utility Interceptor has a surveillance mode where if anybody approaches the vehicle even if the officer doesn't see them the windows go up, the doors lock, and the car makes a noise -- allowing officers to try out equipment that could potentially save lives.

The Police Fleet Expo Ride and Drive event was not open to the general public, it was only for law enforcement personnel. For more information on the event, CLICK HERE.