'It's a passion:' Sanger House Gardens open for FREE 7 days a week during COVID-19 pandemic

MILWAUKEE -- Throughout the coronavirus pandemic people have been looking for ways to keep busy. One Milwaukee couple decided to help.

Surrounded by the sounds of nature, it's easy to forget you're in the middle of Milwaukee.

"It’s a passion. It’s something that you really enjoy doing," said Steve Bailk, Sanger House Gardens owner.

Steve Bailk bought the property in the historic Brewers Hill neighborhood in 1985. Since then, it's transformed into the Sanger House Gardens.

"You start thinking of how and what you can offer and what it does for yourself, but at the same time, can that be extended out to the general public," said Steve Bailk.

The gardens are now rented out for events and would often be open to the public on the weekends. But when the coronavirus pandemic hit, right when the flowers were starting to bloom, the owners had an idea to open for free seven days a week.

"It was just a way for people to get in and get away from the pressure and the unknown, if you will, coming into a more known situation," said Bailk.

Angela Duckert

 "It just it doesn’t seem unusual to us. It doesn’t seem that intrusive, and people have been so respectful and appreciative," said Angela Duckert, Sanger House Gardens owner.