It's a long shot, but Milw. could host 2016 Dem. Convention

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Imagine thousands of people converging on Milwaukee for the Democratic National Convention in 2016. If only slightly, it is in the realm of possibilities. FOX6 News has learned the City of Milwaukee has an invitation to bid on the Democratic National Convention.

National political conventions get a lot of attention across the country and beyond, and so does the host city.

The Democratic National Committee -- which organizes the Democratic National Convention, sent letters to about 30 cities -- inviting them to bid on the 2016 convention, and Milwaukee got one of those letters.

It makes sense, because Milwaukee, which leans Democratic, has a Democratic mayor -- though Wisconsin is truly a battleground state.

Stacy Vogel Davis is an associate editor with the Milwaukee Business Journal.

"It might be kind of appealing to the DNC to come to Milwaukee and try to give the Democrats a boost in Wisconsin," Vogel Davis said.

Milwaukee resident Mike Ryan says he would not be welcoming of any political party convention in his city.

"Whenever I think of politics, I think about the origin of the word. It comes from the Greek word 'poli' which means many and 'ticks' which are blood-sucking creatures," Ryan said.

It appears the letters from the Democratic National Committee went out in early February -- and March 1st is the deadline to make a bid.

"It's a long shot, and VISIT Milwaukee hasn't actually decided for sure whether it's going to put in a bid -- but what they said they're hoping for is maybe they can be flexible on some of these options, and might consider Milwaukee if they come up with some creative solutions," Vogel Davis said.

Some of the requirements are 17,000 to 20,000 local hotel rooms, and at least 1,000 suites. That could be a problem for Milwaukee.

Additionally, the venue is to have at least 18,500 seats.

BMO Harris Bradley Center could work, but the DNC also wants at least 100 sky boxes. That is a problem.

Miller Park might work, but the Milwaukee Brewers might be in the midst of baseball season.

"The event will tie up the facility for weeks -- if you look at the set up, the actual event and then the tear down," Vogel Davis said.

So, it's a long shot.

Mayor Tom Barrett's office sent a statement saying they are currently conducting an initial assessment, and will very soon determine the city's eligibility.

The convention could bring in a lot of money to the area, but it would also cost the host city a lot of money.