'It wasn't his time to go:' Family mourns loss of 15-year-old boy shot, killed near 17th and Center

Jason Eggars

MILWAUKEE -- Laid to rest at just 15, services were held Saturday, Dec. 21 for a Milwaukee boy who was shot and killed near 17th Street and Center Street on Dec. 13.

Emotions ran deep as people paid respects to Jason Eggars during a somber gathering Saturday at Unity Missionary Baptist Church near 39th Street and Fond du Lac Avenue.

Lisa Collins

"I'm sick. I'm angry," said Lisa Collins, Eggars' aunt. "This was not supposed to happen to my nephew. He is supposed to be here. It wasn't his time to go. He was just a baby. He was just a baby."

Among the mourning were young people. Eggars was a freshman at North Division High School.

"Let this be a wakeup call for every young person," said Collins. "His life was cut short due to all of this senseless crime that is going on out here, and it needs to stop."

Jason Eggars

Homicide 17th and Center

Collins shared a message to the community, with her young nephew's life now a memory.

"Just let this not be in vain for Jason," said Collins. "For the kids that's out here on the streets, y'all want to pick guns up? Think before you act."

Filled with pain, family members pleaded for strength, answers, and justice so they can find closure.

"Have a heart, y'all, please," said Collins. "Whoever did this, just have a heart and turn yourself in," said Collins.

If you have any information regarding this homicide, please contact the Milwaukee Police Department.