"It was very special:" Mother, son share emotional wedding dance days before her death

CALIFORNIA (WITI) -- A California mother battling breast cancer was able to share an emotional dance with her son at his wedding days before she died.

"It was very special," Ryan Manning told FOX6's sister station, KTVU in California.

KTVU reports Manning's mother, 61-year-old Mary Ann was three years into her fight against breast cancer when she attended her son's September 5th wedding.

"She wanted to get to this wedding. She didn't care how she had to do it, whether that meant pumping more chemo in her body, whatever," daughter Kristie Manning said.

Not only did she make it to the wedding -- she danced with her son at the reception.

"I think that everybody kind of realized what they were seeing and what they were seeing was an incredibly strong woman doing a magnificent thing. A miracle," Ryan Manning said.

Ryan and Mary Ann shared an emotional dance to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."

KTVU reports a few months before the wedding, Mary Ann was confined to a wheelchair, and seemed to be losing her battle with the disease.

"It was incredibly emotional, especially to see her pop out of the wheelchair," daughter Karie Chamberlain said.

As the two stole the spotlight on the dance floor -- there wasn't a dry eye in the room.

Mary Ann passed away three days after her son's wedding.

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