"It was actually scary:" One arrested after West Bend students become unruly over new rules

WEST BEND (WITI) -- It was chaotic inside West Bend High School on Thursday morning, November 20th -- so chaotic, the school was placed on a "soft lockdown." It began when students from West Bend East and West Bend West met with administrators to discuss some new rules.

"It was actually scary," a West Bend student said.

Video from inside the school shows what began as a peaceful meeting didn't stay that way for long.

According to Superintendent Ted Neitzke, some students became unruly during a planned meeting to discuss new hall pass procedures.

"All of a sudden, this kid walks up on the lunch table and starts speaking his mind and swearing," Alison Webb said.

Webb was sitting next to the boy who stood up on the table. She says eventually, an administrator tried to pull him down, and a fight ensued. While many students went back to class, about 90 had had a different idea.

"There were hoards of people wandering every hallway -- pushing things," a student said.

The boy who was on the table was taken away by police. This, as other students started ripping posters off the walls, flooding sinks and running through the school.

"I saw a cop pull out pepper spray as kids were running through the construction," a West Bend student said.

West Bend's Police Chief says there were no reports of any injuries -- and no weapons were used.

"We will be continuing our investigation. At this time one student was arrested and taken into custody. There may be several other students cited," the police chief said.

An additional 15 officers were called to the school to help contain the students. The school was on lockdown for a short time -- and some parents were called.

"It boiled down to a handful of students that just continued to make a poor choice," the police chief said.

School officials plan to review video of the incident.

The following statement has been posted on the school's website:

"This morning an incident occurred at the high school that prompted administration to put the building into a soft lockdown. Several students were concerned about a change in process for hallway passes.  Classes have now resumed to their normal schedule. Student safety is our number one priority and high school administration is working with law enforcement to investigate the incident. Principal Greymont will communicate with families later this afternoon."