"It tells who you are:" 91-year-old "handwriting analyst" has been working legal cases since 1976

MEQUON (WITI) -- There's no need for a computer or smartphone in Ken Nelson's line of work. All he requires is a pen and paper.

"There's no such thing as handwriting. This is mind writing. The hand only does what the mind tells it to do. What's in the head and the heart comes out on paper," said Nelson.

Nelson has been analyzing handwriting since 1976.

Even at 91 years old, he continues to travel across the state as an expert witness in forgery, embezzlement and divorce cases.

He believes you can read a lot about a person when reading their writing.

"It tells you who you are, what you are, tools you've got to work with, directions you're going, destiny -- all of these things," said Nelson.

Nelson analyzes every stroke of the pen.

He says perfectly dotted "i's" can show perfectionism and how high a "t" is crossed can show how high someone achieves in life.

FOX6's Laura Langemo decided to put Nelson to the test -- analyzing her handwriting.

"Your writing is quite large, so there's a pretty good ego here," said Nelson as he laughed.

"The open 'a's' on the top of those small letters 'o' and 'a' indicate total honesty. You also have a little optimism in your upright writing. You slant upwards," said Nelson.

He was pretty close, except for that first part. It just goes to show, you can't necessarily hide behind your handwriting.