"It needs to go there:" Homeowners in Greendale vote to clear the way for veterans memorial

GREENDALE (WITI) -- Homeowners in Greendale on Tuesday evening, April 28th helped to clear the way for a veterans memorial.

An overwhelming majority of people at a special meeting voted to transfer a patch of land near Broad Street and Southway back to the Village of Greendale.

It is a reversal of a decision made late last year by Greendale's Board of Education.

In protest, veterans had put up a temporary memorial on the land. Some hope it will now become permanent, but others say it is up to the village to find a new location.

"It's just at a very busy intersection, across from a playground, across from a baseball field, across from a softball field and there are other areas where I think it could go," Judy Fons said.

"It needs to go there. It's a very visible site. When you go on the site itself, on the land, it's very big," Kim Kowalczyk said.