'It hurt my heart:' 1-day-old baby boy found abandoned outside apartment unit in Orlando

ORLANDO -- Authorities in Florida are investigating after a newborn baby was found in a box on a doorstep outside an apartment complex in Orange County.

A woman who lives in the Pine Hills apartment complex said she found the 1-day-old baby boy in a shoebox.

Sarah Nazario said she heard cries for help outside her door on Saturday afternoon, Nov. 23.

"I had heard a baby crying in the hallway," said Nazario.

She said he was so small, he fit in a Converse shoebox. Nazario said he was wrapped in a blanket inside the box and left in front of her neighbor's door.

"As soon as I opened my door, I saw the baby," said Nazario. "I saw him in a box. Like, his little foot was, like, sticking out the box, and like, I saw him, like, wiggle his foot."

Nazario said he was a heartbreaking sight, and said she had no idea who left him there.

"It hurt my heart, you know?" said Nazario. "Like why would you do that? It's just crazy, man. It's crazy."

The Orange County Sheriff's Office responded, but did not release any information about who found the child or the circumstances surrounding this. However, a neighbor said the mother left a note in the box with his first name and a message.

"The letter was basically saying, like, you know, 'Please take care of this child. I couldn't take care of it,'" said Arielle Piner, who lives in the unit where the baby was found.

Orange County fire officials took the baby boy to the hospital and said he was healthy.

The woman who found him said she was thankful for that.

"You never know what someone's going through, but I'm glad that nothing happened to him," said Nazario. "Like, he was okay, for all intent. You know, he's alive."

Under Florida law, mothers can bring their unwanted newborns to any hospital or fire department with no questions asked.