"It hit the ground and burst into flames:" Witnesses recount moments leading up to deadly plane crash

MILWAUKEE -- One Milwaukee taxi driver witnessed the entire place crash at Timmerman Airport on Wednesday evening, July 29th. In fact, he was there to pick up the passengers from the plane.

The taxi driver was waiting in a parking lot when he says he saw the plane make an awkward, hard landing, bounced twice and went back into the air -- moments later the flight ended in tragedy.

From the Timmerman Field parking lot, it was a ride into town that never happened.

Ed Nelson knew right away the plane was in trouble.

"I happened to look up and I happened to see the plane coming down sideways. It hit the ground and then burst into flames," said Nelson.

Scott Piquet walked out of the Walmart to see the aftermath.

"I see this big puff of smoke and then all of a sudden flames started coming up," said Piquet.

Witnesses say the plane became engulfed as soon as it hit the ground.

Officials are now calling this a deadly crash.

One pilot says it's not unheard of planes to bounce, take off again, and try a second time for a landing.

It's unknown what caused it to turn at an angle and crash.

Investigators have their work cut out for them.