"It escalated quickly:" Huge brawl at McDonald's after McChicken apparently took too long

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Cell phone video captured a brawl at a Des Moines McDonald's restaurant between an employee and an upset...and apparently hungry customer. A huge brawl broke out after a customer said her McChicken was taking too long.

Amanda Gravely was sitting in the drive-thru getting ice cream for her kids, when the fight broke out.

"Automatically just because of how irate she was, I took out my camera and recorded her, just to see how far it would go just in case and it just escalated really quickly," Gravely said.

The employee handed the woman her food and she threw the McChicken in her face.

"As soon as the woman makes contact with her, she's just at it," Gravely said.

The blonde woman was pulled over the counter, knocking over bottles. The manager dragged the woman down by her hair. Two men were with the woman, and in the video, you could hear one telling the woman to grab the manager's hair.

The two men held employees back as the woman pulled the manager's hair and struck her in the chest with her knee.

Finally, they were pulled apart.

The blonde woman and the two men left the restaurant before police arrived.

"Life's too short to get that mad over a chicken sandwich," Gravely said.

Police are still working to identify the customer in the video. Anyone with information is asked to come forward.