Israeli paramedics host emergency terrorism response course in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- In the wake of numerous international attacks on religious organizations, members of Milwaukee-area's faith community on Wednesday, July 17 learned how to save lives if they ever find themselves in worst-case scenarios.

The instructors were two men who worked as paramedics in Israel, and they were tasked with teaching attendees how to save lives immediately following a violent attack.

"We are guiding people through seven principles, and we believe in hands-on training," said Raphael Herbst, senior paramedic.

The men were invited to host a three-day seminar on saving lives immediately following a violent attack. The training wrapped up on Wednesday.

Using a mix of simulations and lectures, their students said the method was great.

James Thomas

"I'm a retired law enforcement guy," said James Thomas, participant. "Anything that I can do to refresh my skills that I learned the last 25 years in law enforcement, I'm willing to take."

Participants learned everything from how to treat different kids of wounds, to what you do before paramedics arrive on scene.

Raphael Herbst

"Things that we've noticed is that everybody can save lives," said Herbst.

The students said they hoped to never have to put their new skills to use.

Roughly 50 different faith-based organizations from across the Milwaukee area showed up for the event. Organizers said more than 150 people graduated from the course.