Is Badger Guns liable after officers shot? Store owner testifies: "No one wants to sell to straw buyers"

MILWAUKEE -- A trial is underway to determine whether Badger Guns is liable -- after allowing the sale of a gun to a 21-year-old man who purchased the gun for his friend, who could not legally buy one himself. One month after that sale, Julius Burton shot and seriously injured two Milwaukee police officers. On Thursday, October 8th, Badger Guns' owner took the stand to testify.

Adam Allan testifies in Badger Guns trial

One of the key lines of questioning during testimony Thursday centered on Adam Allan's ability to recognize a straw buyer, if one were to come into his shop.

Jacob Collins served two years in prison for buying the gun illegally in May 2009. Julius Burton is serving 80 years in prison for the shooting that occurred in June 2009.

The shooting happened after Officer Bryan Norberg and Officer Graham Kunisch stopped Burton for riding his bike on the sidewalk.

Officers Bryan Norberg and Graham Kunisch struggle with shooting suspect Julius Burton

At issue now is whether Badger Guns should pay the officers for allowing the sale of the gun in the first place.

Question asked of Adam Allan in court: "You didn't want to sell to straw buyers, right?"

Julius Burton and Jacob Collins inside Badger Guns

"No one wants to sell to straw buyers, sir," Allan said.

A key line of questioning centered on claims Allan made in a letter to the AFT -- saying he knew how to screen for straw buyers.

Julius Burton

Question asked in court: "Was there something specific that the ATF asked you that led you to volunteer that you're comfortable with screening and you have the know-how for screening straw buyers?"

"No. I volunteered that on myself," Allan said.

Question asked in court: "That was just something that popped into your head and you thought 'hey I'll just put that in the letter to the ATF?'"

Jacob Collins

"Yes," Allan said.

Allan added that his history and background in working in the firearms industry is why he made those statements to the ATF.

"It's an industry thing. I mean, it's something that every FFL (federal firearms licensee) should understand and know," Allan said.

Allan's father, Badger Guns' previous owner, also took the stand on Thursday to talk about why he transferred the business to his son.

Badger Guns is now known as Brew City Shooter's Supply and is still a family business.

Badger Guns